FITPASS: One pass to a 1100+ Gyms

It’s summers, and it’s time to work hard and get fit. If you have made up your mind then the next step is to select your choice of workout and then a gym or fitness studio which offers such a workout. Too much work? Well, it’s going to be too costly too. Thankfully for all of us, there apps which offer the user to workout in any gym or studio in Delhi NCR, and that too, at a fraction of the price of a regular gym membership. One such app, FITPASS, offers similar services in Delhi NCR.
Though it’s a new concept, the advantages to such a pass are many.

get a flat tummy

1.) Convenience

It is highly convenient as you can workout in any and all the gyms that they are tied up with. This offers high utility if you are travelling, or are out for work. In this respect, an added advantage is the ability to workout at any time of the day.

2.) Price

You don’t have to dig too deep into your pockets. At a fraction of a regular gym membership you can workout in all the gyms in your vicinity. Getting fit does not involve a heavy price anymore. Take a deep breath and get started!

3.) Mix it up

One pass will open hundreds of different workouts for you. So, you can always try your hand at boxing, or mix it up with Zumba. An intense Pilates workout will also freshen your schedule up. There is no getting bored of your workout schedule.

4.) No hassle

It is extremely easy reserving and cancelling your workouts from the app itself. Manage your workout schedule on the app, so your fitness is literally just a tap away! Get your membership activated or renewed through just a click on your phone.

These points are hard to miss, and this makes it a pass at least worth trying.


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