How Cycling can make you a better runner

Cycling Activities

Even if you’re a runner, riding a bike is an excellent cross-training activity, one which can improve your running performance significantly. A bicycle can be among a runner’s most valuable tools for training the body to shift into high gear, develop quicker turnover, create more power and reach peak racing shape. If you’ve never done cycling before, you should ease into these gradually. Start with a 10 mile bike ride at a hard pace, immediately followed by a 1 mile run.

If your workouts are exclusive to running, you’re only building up certain sets of muscles to perform certain functions. Though you are making your running muscles stronger initially, at some point you’ll stop yielding results out of it. When you add cycling in your regime, you’re using muscles in your legs and core that complement the muscles used for running, making you stronger, more efficient, and faster. Runners, especially who run races like marathons and ultras, put a pounding on their body. Because of this, it’s hard for some to maintain high mileage without injury. Cycling gives you a good workout without the impact of a run. If you’re not comfortable with replacing an entire run workout with a session on the bike, even substituting a portion of your run with a cycling workout can make your joints happy. Which brings you to your next point:

You can even replicate the feeling of a long run without actually doing a long run.This is the secret of the brick workout (the term “brick” refers to the two disciplines pushed together in one workout), where you go from a bike ride to a run with no interruption in between.Cycling is the best way to rejuvenate yourself in the open paradise, experiencing cool breeze, warm sunshine, enjoy the nature to the fullest while working out and strengthening your body.

Fitpass provides different bootcamps where you can experience cycling as an intense core workout in places like Nirvana Country and Leisure Valley, and many more in just 999/-

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