Jazzing up the fitness levels!

Jazz Dance is a modern dance form that originated in the African-American community of the late 1800s. While the music was extremely popular, Jazz Dance slowly gained popularity because of its uniqueness in moves that matched the tempo of the music. Jazz Dance involves sensual body movements while mixing elements from tap dance, ballet and other social dance forms. With fine choreography and structure, Jazz brings out the dancer’s personality and skills, because this dance is attuned to the best of the dancer’s skills and music being played.

jazz dance

Jazz dance is different from many traditional dance forms as it promotes freedom of expression and individuality. The dancers have the freedom to improvise while practising their routines, and express their emotions, even while covering the most basic steps. It is a dance style ideal for the creative thinker, for those who can express their emotions with the slightest change in the body language and body movements. Choice of music is extremely critical for this dance form, for it dictates just how intense, how light, how rigid or how fluid does the performance need to be. The connect between the music piece to play, and dance moves, thus, are extremely important.

Benefits from fitness point of view are many. Jazz is an entertaining and intense way of boosting health and fitness levels. It strengthens the lower body muscles. Various Jumps and twists require a lot of energy and strong leg movement for body balance, which leads to the stronger calf muscles and quads. This dance form also enhances body flexibility. Without strong flexibility, jazz routines are a tough nut to crack. Arms, legs, back and hands are the key areas whose positioning change the meaning expressed by the position of the body. And thus, they need to have maximum flexibility. This can be achieved with regular pilates & yoga based warm-ups, and testing limits during routines.

Fitpass connects you to the finest Jazz Dance Studios all over Delhi-NCR. Trainers at these studios have years of experience in working with the biggest names in the dance industry. In short, they have learnt and practiced with the best. You can step it up with the best dance trainers in the city under one common membership of Fitpass at Rs. 999/month.


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