Delhi is Dancing towards Fitness

Fitness dance is a workout style growing in popularity in the city. It’s a great way to indulge in your favourite habit and burn some calories while moving to your favourite beats. While dance classes, be it Indian Classical or Western Contemporary, were always popular, growing emphasis on fitness in today’s world has motivated dance trainers in Delhi to include more elements of fitness in their routines.

Bollywood dance has grown from amalgamation of freestyle movements to a cardio-intensive workout with Bollywood music. Hip-hop dancing, which focuses on building a strong core to execute the body movements, is a popular workout. More Dance trainers in Delhi are introducing Zumba classes in their workout schedule. Grooving to Latin music with movements aiming at improving your cardio and burning fat, Zumba is another favourite among the Delhi crowd. Aerobics is moving towards more elements of circuit training to make the workout more effective. Contemporary dance fitness also mixes Vinyasa yoga with the traditional moves associated with the contemporary dance form.

Dance Trainers in Delhi are also modifying their workouts so that men lose their inhibition of dancing their way to fitness. The past three years have seen a significant rise in number of men taking up various dance fitness classes, a workout style preferred usually by women. These various dance forms, along with their modifications, can be accessed with Fitpass, the monthly membership in Delhi-NCR. Now it’s possible to do Zumba, Aerobics, Bokwa, Bollywood Dance, Bhangra Cardio, Salsa, Hip-hop under one fitness membership.


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